Technical Information

Flystone is a natural stone sheet that invites nature into your home to stimulate imagination, embellish and transcend a project.

Stone sheet structure

FLYSTONE is made of a first layer of stone (slate, quartzite, marble, sandstone) with a thickness of 0.3 to 0.8 mm, then a support fiberglass and resin.

Extracted from natural stone blocks, Flystone may have color variations that make each sheet unique.

Technical specificities

Thin, light and translucent (between 1 mm and maximum 1.5 mm thick for +/- 2 kg / m2): easy to store, transport, handle and install.

Flexible: applicable on all flat supports or rounded surfaces

Resistant and waterproof fiberglass reinforces the substrates on which it is laid and protects from moisture.

Application all supports: is installed on concrete, cement, ceramic, plasterboard, wood, metal, glass, external insulation … inside and outside with epoxy or polymer glue.

Cutting and easy installation is done with a circular saw, or a cutter.

Large formats (244 x 122 cm): other formats on request.

Certified CE, resistant to freezing, fire and UV.

Practical information

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